What is my cash freebies??

What is my cash freebies??

You probably are skeptical about making money online aren’t you? As I was before I started this program called My Cash Freebies. The process may seem difficult, but it is really very simple. My Cash freebies is an advertising network for hundreds of  businesses that need help with their advertising and want to get new customers.  So my cash freebies offers incentives, such as free gifts and prizes  to try their products or services. The businesses that advertise on the my cash freebies network offer their product or services on a trial basis. Most or the businesses offer a free trial period to get people more people to try their products or services to gain new customers.

There are over hundreds of well know participating business that have great offer that they are offering at a free or very low discounted price. The image below is a list of a few online business that are advertising on my cash freebies.

 My Cash Freebies fortune 500 companies

My Cash Freebies has evolved into what is called the “referral” system over the past few years to help two groups of people. They help people just like you and I make money and work from home and also help the businesses advertising



I know, you’re wondering how much are you paid. MCF offers you $20 payouts. Simple math here, you refer 5 people that’s $100. So $100 x 7 days $700 a week…bye bye 9 to 5. I recently have finally been able to say so long to mine.

What exactly do you do to get this money? What works for me is by posting  in various Facebook work from home groups.(which is where most of you may of seen one of my ads) Sharing this blog to sites like Twitter, Tumblr and Google plus. That’s all I do. And I average around 800 weekly from it. Which for a single cheapskate dude like me is great.

How My Cash Freebies Works – offer requirements.

Now to become eligible to begin earning you must complete a few of the offers that are advertised. Before you start crying scam and being close minded keep reading. This is how the site stays alive. New affiliates complete offers for the business’ listed. My Cash Freebies earns a cut from that which in return The offer requirements vary from My Cash Freebies site to site. Generally, most sites require you complete ONE or TWO trial offers to fulfill the 1.00 credit requirement. What this means is this: Depending on what My Cash Freebies site you are on it may only take one trial offer to meet the 1.00 requirement or you may have to complete two or three trials offers to get your 1.00 credit. Which also will differ in price. You can easily sign up to this program for probably only $5. I actually have.


A “Credit” just means that the offers on that site are broken down into various credit values, some pay out more than others. On the My Cash Freebies sites, you will see that there is a “value” given to each offer. It may be anything from .05, .25, .33, .50, .60, .75 and even 1.00. To reach your offer requirements the offers you take will have to add up to 1.00 credits, the goal is to reach the credit value of the site.

No matter what My Cash Freebies site you need to complete enough offers to reach 1.00 credits. Once you have reached your offer requirements, you are then eligible to start sending your own referrals to the site. There is NO LIMIT to the number of referrals you can send to the sites, so you can see that this can be a very easy way to make A LOT Of money referring people to My Cash Freebies!

How Crediting Works On My Cash Freebies:

Crediting is performed via cookies, which are simply small text files stored on your computer. Websites can create a cookie in order to store information, and then be able to read back that information in the future. From your computer, you click on an offer on our website. We direct you through our affiliate partner, who sets a cookie on your computer before directing you to the (offer) advertiser. After you complete an offer, the advertiser’s order confirmation or sign up confirmation page will let the affiliate know that the offer has been completed, at which point they’ll read back from the cookie on your computer. If this is successful, they are able to identify who the credit belongs to, and they post that information to our website. The entire process is completely automated.


IMPORTANT Info you need to know about My Cash Freebies credits. Many of the offers will say that they will credit “Instantly”. Just so you know in advance, “Instant” in this industry can be anywhere from just minutes to SEVERAL hours. It all depends on server traffic, server load, time of day, etc… etc… So PLEASE have patience for an offer that has not credited immediately.


NOPE. The Idea of spending money to make money for some reasons makes people yell scam. That’s just being afraid of what you know nothing about. Business ALWAYS takes an investment to startup. And even more investment in things like advertising. Even with a regular 9-5 you have to spend money before you receive a paycheck. Gas for your car, money for lunch to eat at work, work clothes or uniform. Every “Work from home” opportunity you find is going to have some kind of fee to begin, free money is not a thing. My Cash Freebies you can start for pretty close to “free” My Cash Freebies is very straight forward and simple to follow. All you have to do is sign up, complete offer, refer others and get paid. You work for the money as with a regular 9-5.

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